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 Creating a Wedding Film with Substance and Style

My Philosophy (Natural and discreet)

When considering your wedding film it is important to think about how you would like to capture your special day. My many years of experience lead me to the conclusion that the majority of couples desire a film that is natural and organic, without any drama or intrusion. I want you to enjoy your day, be relaxed and not worry about being filmed. You will not even notice I am there.

I will not ask you to pose, and I will not set-up any artificial scenes that look contrived or unnatural. Most people are self-conscience about being filmed and so my philosophy is to capture the moments inconspicuously. I prefer to be unobtrusive, discreet and capture the natural events as they unfold. This is achieved by using small state of the art cameras and no distracting equipment.



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My style (Classic Cinematic Storytelling)

Videography as a craft has evolved throughout the decades and I have seen lots of changes and styles come and go over the years.

Having made lots of shorts films in my career has gave me a great understanding of composition, editing and sound design. A wedding video is not a bunch of pretty shots matched to music. It has to be organic and unique.

My style is “Classic Timeless Film Making”, using cinematic language and rules, portraying storytelling without the use of post production effects that can be artificial. Keeping it classic enables me to think more creatively about how I approach every shot.

An artist will always start with the best canvas possible and for me these are the faces and reactions of you and your guests. Weddings are all about people. I concentrate on the important things, the words that are spoken, the emotions that are revealed and the expressions that are portrayed. 

I thoroughly love what I do, being able to create a piece of art that will mean so much to my clients and their families is indescribable. The care and attention it takes to take it from  ‘The wedding video’ to ‘Our Wedding Film’ is something that cannot be quantified. It is about empathy, understanding and skill. Blended all together makes for an experienced “Film-Maker” not just a “Wedding Videographer”

I take only a limited number of commissions each year as I value every wedding I do, to me this is not just my business but a ongoing passion .

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Thanks to Neil at Lancashire Weddings for the still photography.



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